World War Two V-Mail

VMail.jpg (1218009 bytes) V-Mail sent during World War Two
V-Mail.jpg (1181770 bytes) V-Mail sent during World War Two
Army buddy & Dad.jpg (541634 bytes) My Dad, Cecil Haywood Hildreth on the right with an Army buddy during World War Two.
AuntWanda&Momma.jpg (402522 bytes) My Mother, Dorothy Lorene Jarrell Hildreth with her sister, Wanda Lou Jarrell.
Daddy.jpg (164706 bytes) My dad when he was 17 years old
GranMHGranDH.jpg (405049 bytes) My Granddad, William Luke Hildreth with his wife Adalaide Hildreth
Uncle Lewis Army.jpg (697908 bytes) My uncle Louis Hildreth in uniform
GeorGranMUncleL.jpg (471139 bytes) My aunt Georgine, grandmother Adalaide, and uncle Louis Hildreth